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Cyber Security Tribe Advisory Board

The Cyber Security Tribe advisory boards consists of CISO's from billion dollar enterprises that span a number of industries ranging from Oil and Gas, Healthcare and the Public Sector. The insight and expertise brought by this highly talented and diverse group helps ensure our audience has the most relevant up to date information. 

Glen Armes - CISO | Old Republic International Corporation

Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) that has been and currently responsible for the design, implementation, reporting, and measuring of multiple security programs throughout technology career. Valued hands-on information security executive leader with an all-in attitude that can strategize and operationalize all domains of security. 

Glenn Arms - Cyber Security Tribe

Kapil Bareja - Digital And Cyber Risk Governance Leader

Kapil is a global business leader, trusted strategic advisor and digital governance leader. He’s a pioneer and expert advancing digital and cybersecurity risk oversight in America’s corporate boardrooms. He’s a trusted advisor to public non-profit company boards. 

Kapil Bareja Cyber Security Tribe Advisory Board Member

Eric Brohm - CISO | Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Eric is the CISO for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, the largest hotel franchising company in the world. With 20 brands, 15,000+ team members, and approximately 9,200 hotels across more than 80 countries. 

Eric Brohm - Cyber Security Tribe

Herman Brown - CIO, | Office of The District Attorney San Francisco

Herman Brown serves the City and County of San Francisco as the CIO for the SF District Attorney’s Office. His private-sector mentality and track record of success has provided valuable contributions to the City & County for the last 10 years; with the last 6 years in his current role. 

Herman Brown - Cyber Security Tribe

Paul Carpenito - Head of Information Security | Loews Corporation

Paul is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of directing highly effective Information Security and Cyber Risk programs. He is a technical expert in cybersecurity architecture, design and integration across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid-cloud security models. 

Loews Corporation
Paul Carpenito Cyber Security Tribe 300x300

Jason Elrod - CISO | MultiCare Health System

Jason has over 30 years of experience building, leading, and maturing IT and Information Security programs in multibillion-dollar organizations. As an executive leader, advisor, and technologist, he has a unique way of blending multiple disciplines together into informative and actionable solutions to some of the most complex problems and topics of the day. He is a frequent industry contributor in the areas of cybersecurity, leadership, strategy, and organizational risk. 

Jason Elrod

Randall Frietzsche - CISO | Denver Health 

Randall, the CISO for Denver Health, is a passionate, effective and strategically-focused Information Security Executive dedicated to ensuring value to the business from the Information Security function. 

DenverHealth WithTagline Gradation Horizontal
Randall Frietzsche - Cyber Security Tribe


Jamal Hartenstein - Cyber Data Privacy Lawyer | Big 4 Consulting Firm

Jamal Hartenstein, currently a Cyber Data Privacy Lawyer for one of the Big Four , is a cyber security legal expert who has helped some of the country's largest financial institutions, healthcare companies, and federal agencies develop their IT Security Roadmap programs. 

Jamal Hartenstein- Cyber Security Tribe

Rizwan Jan - CIO | CNA

Rizwan Jan has held several leadership roles in numerous industries and has spent over two decades in the planning, development, delivery, and monitoring of technical solutions that address the needs of Fortune 500 companies and not-for-profit organizations. As the CIO for CNA, he is responsible for the establishment and execution of CNA’s IT strategy. 

Rizwan Jan - Cyber Security Tribe

Dr. Vivian Lyon - CIO, CISO | Plaza Dynamics

Dr. Lyon is a highly experienced and passionate cybersecurity, technology, and cloud leader with a proven track record of successful execution and management of high-performing software engineering and Information Security projects. She gives back as a cybersecurity and computer science professor and mentor. Dr. Lyon has authored several books and contributes in the areas of cybersecurity, leadership, strategy, and IT/IS organizational risk management. 

Dr. Vivian Lyon, Cyber Security Tribe Advisory Board Member

Sabino Marquez - Chief Information Security Officer 

Sabino is an experienced software executive with a proven track record of success in driving service organizations to maximize the value of their Assurance initiatives. Sabino’s practice enables the Revenue, Legal, IT, Marketing, and Product programs to safeguard and facilitate deal value and entity valuation. 

Sabino Marquez Cyber Security Tribe

Noureen Njoroge - Director of Global Cyber Threat Intelligence | Nike

Noureen Njoroge is a Cybersecurity Executive Professional with vast experience in multi-faceted, complex, fast-paced environments in both public and private sector. She is a strategic thinker with proven leadership experience on issues concerning Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Blockchain security, IoT, Cloud Security, Metaverse digital wallet Identity and Security. 

Noureen Njoroge Cyber Security Tribe Advisory Board Member

Chirag Shah - Global Information Security Officer & DPO | Model N

Chirag is a Global Information Security and Technology Leader with 24+ years of experience building leading-edge Security, Security Compliance, Technology & Network Management initiatives from the ground up. An inclusive leader with a passion for directing innovative Information Security management that drives the bottom-line, saving companies time and money. Optimizes security investments, mitigate losses from security incidents, improves customer retention, and supports executive decision making that reduces corporate liability. Chirag is a senior-level executive responsible for overseeing and implementing an organization's information security strategy.

Chirag Shah Cyber Security Tribe bg

Andrew Wilder | Retained Chief Security Officer | Community Veterinary Partners

Andrew is a cybersecurity expert with over two decades of experience spanning industries such as consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, financial services, logistics, healthcare, and consulting. Beginning his career at Bank of America, DHL, and HP, Andrew honed his skills before becoming Regional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Americas, Asia, and Europe at Nestle. Andrew later served as Vice President and Global CISO at Hillenbrand, where he continued to excel in cybersecurity leadership, safeguarding digital assets and infrastructure. Andrew is known for his strategic acumen in risk management, audit, merger & acquisition, and organizational design. 

Andrew Wilder Cyber Security Tribe

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