Cybersecurity Solutions Solving Challenges Faced by CISOs

2 min read
(December 11, 2023)

Cyber Security Tribe co-founder Dorene Rettas had the opportunity to speak with Kate Bolseth, CEO at Fortra to discuss a comprehensive vision which aligns solutions based on an understanding of the challenges faced by CISOs and organizations.  

Rettas starts the discussion with the spotlight on Bolseth’s experience, which includes almost 30 years of working in software and services organizations. Initially working in product, she gained the opportunity to serve in almost every role which provided a passion and understanding of how the different roles contribute to the value an organization offers to their customers.  

In the discussion Bolseth highlights how Fortra's growth, bolstered by strategic acquisitions, is not merely about expansion but a concerted effort to serve their mission –  empowering organizations to fortify defenses, simplify security portfolios, and drive transformative outcomes. This is aided by a strong focus to provide operational efficiencies, helping organizations better allocate their internal resources.

Solutions to Challenges Faced by CISOs

Bolseth's discourse seamlessly weaves through the intricacies faced by CISOs today. Burnout, complexity, and the rapid emergence of threats stand as formidable challenges. The solution isn't just about providing tools; it's about alleviating the operational burden, simplifying the security landscape, and fostering a robust partnership with clients. 

Fortra's approach stands distinct. It's not about inundating organizations with a myriad of security applications. Instead, it's about consolidating, correlating threat feeds, and orchestrating connections between systems to elevate efficacy. Bolseth emphasizes trust as the cornerstone –  a profound understanding of market dynamics coupled with a relentless commitment to partnering with organizations, evident in their efforts to educate and align solutions with specific needs. 

The relentless allyship Bolseth speaks of transcends beyond technological integration. It's an empathy-driven partnership, an acknowledgment of the challenges faced by CISOs, and a dedicated effort to assist in prioritization and navigation through the complex cybersecurity terrain. Prioritization, indeed, emerges as a critical asset in addressing overwhelming challenges. 

Fortra's unique approach stands as a testament to their innovation. The focus isn't on a monolithic structure but on a multi-element platform meticulously built from top to bottom. Integration, speed of detection, better coverage against multi-vector attacks, and pragmatic engineering – all signify a concerted effort to deliver sustainable and effective solutions. 

Moreover, the empathetic camaraderie Fortra fosters with their clients is exemplary. The involvement of former CISOs in their team speaks volumes. It's not a sales pitch; it's a shared understanding of challenges, a peer-to-peer interaction that enables Fortra to serve as a true ally and not just a vendor. 

Bolseth's closing emphasis on community, communication, and continuous learning echoes the ethos of sustainable improvement. It's not merely about tackling issues; it's about a pragmatic and sustainable approach to drive better outcomes, enabling CISOs to confront challenges with confidence.