Key Cybersecurity Statistics from the 2024 State of the Industry Report

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(April 18, 2024)
Key Cybersecurity Statistics from the 2024 State of the Industry Report

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In early 2024, more than 250 cybersecurity professionals participated in the Cyber Security Tribe's annual survey, offering valuable insights and benchmarks for the cybersecurity industry. Collaborating with cybersecurity experts, the Cyber Security Tribe Annual Report delivers a thorough examination of the present cybersecurity landscape, covering the three main pillars of People, Process and Technology.

It highlights key areas such as CISO Board Support, leadership strategies for recruitment and team dynamics, investment priorities for the year 2024, and the governance of AI and policies within organizations, providing valuable insights into the current trends and challenges influencing the cybersecurity industry.

Key Cybersecurity Statistics 2024

Below is an infographic revealing some key statistics taken from the report. Download the report for even more statistics and to discover the reasons why these trends are developing.   

Key Cybersecurity Statistics from the 2024 State of the Cybersecurity Industry Report

Download the report to:

  • Discover the investment priorities for senior cybersecurity leadership in 2024 and the driving factors behind the demand for specific solutions.

  • Explore the challenges faced by respondents in staff recruitment and their top recommendations for overcoming these obstacles.

  • Compare your organization's AI policies with industry standards and learn how to strike a balance between regulation and innovation.

  • Uncover the strategies employed by respondents in incident response and the optimal utilization of internal resources versus external expertise.

  • Identify the most valuable security frameworks and standards for guiding cybersecurity practices.