The 10 Most Popular Cybersecurity Articles of 2023

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(September 13, 2023)

As we approach the end of the year, we have analyzed the most popular articles on Cyber Security Tribe's website for 2023. This analysis will shed light on the crucial insights that resonated with fellow cybersecurity professionals and the threats that posed the greatest concern to their organizations.

Looking ahead to 2024, it is likely that the concerns faced by cybersecurity practitioners in 2023 will persist and potentially worsen. Therefore, this analysis becomes even more valuable as it provides professionals with an understanding of the issues impacting their peers and, most importantly, the threats and challenges they should prioritize in the coming year.

The analysis shows key themes that cybersecurity professionals read about most includes:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: The need for gender diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity profession emerged as a prominent theme, reflecting a growing awareness of the importance of promoting equal opportunities and recognition for underrepresented groups. 
  • CISO Leadership: The role of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and their evolving expectations and leadership qualities were key themes, highlighting their strategic significance in cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity Governance and Corporate Boards: The increasing involvement of corporate boards in governing cybersecurity risks highlighted the growing importance of cybersecurity as a strategic business concern and the need for effective communication between cybersecurity professionals and top-level executives.
  • Mental Health and Well-being: The theme of mental health and well-being emphasized the need for support and resources to address the emotional and psychological toll of cyber incidents and the importance of maintaining the mental health of cybersecurity professionals.
  • Risk Management and Continuous Learning: Effective risk management and the commitment to continuous learning and knowledge acquisition were themes reflecting the industry's proactive approach to risk assessment and mitigation and the importance of staying updated in the field. 

Below we list the 10 most popular articles, written by cybersecurity practitioners, as read on Cyber Security Tribe during 2023 (listed in no particular order), and more importantly, analysis helping reveal why these subjects were most popular. 

The 10 Most Popular Articles of 2023

11 Women in Cyber Share Barriers Faced and How They Rose Above

Summarizing the experiences of 11 women in cybersecurity, this article sheds light on the challenges they encountered and the strategies they employed to overcome them.

Gender diversity and inclusion emerged as a significant theme in the cybersecurity community in 2023. The inclusion of this article highlights the growing awareness of the need to promote diversity and equal opportunities within the industry. It also underscores the importance of recognizing and learning from the experiences of underrepresented groups in the field.

Top 12 Books for CISOs To Read Today

Highlighting a curated list of 12 essential books for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), recommended by the Cyber Security Tribe Advisory Board, this article helps CISOs know which books have helped other executives the most.

The inclusion of this article shows how in 2023, as expected, CISOs themselves consider how continuous learning and up to date insights are paramount to a modern day CISO’s success. It indicates that CISOs recognized the need to stay informed about the latest developments in cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of knowledge as a cornerstone for effective cybersecurity leadership

Governing Cybersecurity Risks in Corporate Boardroom

Exploring the evolving role of cybersecurity within organizations, emphasizing that it can no longer be confined to the IT department but must be a concern for everyone, including the corporate board. The increasing demands of cybersecurity intersect with the need for innovation and productivity, making it crucial to address cybersecurity risks strategically from the top down.

The fact that corporate boards were actively engaging in cybersecurity governance in 2023 suggests a growing recognition of cybersecurity as a strategic business concern. It indicates that cybersecurity professionals were increasingly expected to communicate the importance of cybersecurity risk management to top-level executives and board members.

Cyber Security Scars - Experiencing an Incident

This article delves into the emotional and psychological impact of experiencing a cybersecurity incident for a CISO and its importance for the development of the CISO’s career.

It explores how you can you use this to improve your personal brand instead of seeing it as a wound, such as how you would have improved experience to enable quick response capability or knowing how to assemble the right team. This reflects how common a cybersecurity breach is for organizations and how CISO’s can learn and grow from the experience.

How to Identify a World-Class CISO with One Question

This article poses a thought-provoking question aimed at helping organizations identify exceptional Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

This article underscores the evolving role of CISOs in 2023. It suggests that organizations were not only seeking competent CISOs but also looking for leaders with a strategic mindset and the ability to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape. This reflects the increasing expectations and responsibilities placed on CISOs.

CISO Burnout: Rapidly Increasing, Posing a Major Threat to Risk Management

Highlighting the increasing prevalence of burnout among CISOs this article explores its detrimental impact on their mental and physical health.

The prevalence of CISO burnout in 2023 points to the high-stress environment of the cybersecurity profession. It underscores the critical need for organizations to address the mental health and well-being of their cybersecurity leaders. Additionally, it highlights the importance of a well-balanced approach to managing risk in an era of growing cyber threats.

Honoring Women In Cyber: Cybersecurity Woman of the Year Awards

This inclusion showcases the achievements of outstanding women in cybersecurity, offering inspiration and recognition within the community.

Continuing the theme of gender and inclusion, the introduction of this award signifies the increasing recognition of women's contributions in the cybersecurity sector. It reveals how the industry is trying to make strides towards greater gender diversity and inclusivity. This reflects a broader movement within cybersecurity to address gender imbalances and promote equality

Where to Start with a Cybersecurity Risk Management Plan (RMP)

This article provides guidance on developing a cybersecurity risk management plan, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach.

Effective risk management remained a central theme in the cybersecurity field in 2023. This article underscores the importance of proactive risk assessment and mitigation strategies. It highlights that cybersecurity professionals were focused on not just responding to threats but also on preventing them through comprehensive risk management.

Transforming Careers: A Journey Through Cybersecurity with Naomi Rosario

Profiling a Cyber Security Tribe community member, Naomi Rosario, this article offering insights into her career journey in cybersecurity.

The personal journey of cybersecurity professionals, as portrayed in this article, signifies the diverse paths one can take in the field. It suggests that cybersecurity professionals were interested in learning from the experiences of their peers and mentors. It reinforces the importance of mentorship, continuous learning, and adaptability in a rapidly evolving industry.  

5 Tips to Mitigate the Risk of Sensitive Data Exposure

This infographic highlights five crucial tips that will equip you to ensure the utmost security for your organization's sensitive information and mitigate the risk of sensitive data exposure.

In 2023, cybersecurity professionals prioritized safeguarding sensitive data due to the rising frequency of data breaches. It emphasizes the need for constant vigilance and proactive security measures.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the top 10 cybersecurity articles of 2023 on Cyber Security Tribe's website provide a comprehensive view of the key priorities, challenges, and trends that shaped the cybersecurity landscape during the year.

These articles reflect a heightened focus on knowledge acquisition, diversity and inclusion, mental health, leadership qualities in CISOs, and the evolving role of cybersecurity in corporate governance. Revealing how cybersecurity professionals were not only concerned with technical aspects, but also with the human and strategic dimensions of the field, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to cybersecurity.